Modify the logo area in NCleanBlue Theme for CMSMS

Locate the code section that contains the following lines and comment it out:

{* ... the big star that holds the version number, you may remove it here and the style sheet where it is marked. *}

For information on how to comment out html codes, refer to this page on WordPress site.


How to install CMS Made Simple in Debian/Lenny

Installing CMSMS (cms made simple) involves usually steps of most PHP based programs. But on Debian/Lenny, php5-gd needs to be installed for a fully functional CMSMS.

In the installation self-test in step 2, I was prompted that GD libraries were missing. Search revealed that I need to install php5-gd for the GD library. The use of the package is described as follows:

This package provides a module for handling graphics directly from PHP scripts. It supports the PNG, JPEG, XPM formats as well as Freetype/ttf fonts.

So it’s clear that the package provides graphic support for PHP. Installing this package under Debian/Lenny will also install some truetype fonts, which isn’t necessary under shell environment. It is possible to remove the truetype fonts package by force, but that isn’t worthy of the hassle.


Plone is superb but resource-hungry

Plone rocks but certainly doesn’t suit for budget hosting solutions.

Minimum hardware requirements

Minimum 256 MB RAM and 512 MB of swap space per Plone site
Minimum 512 MB hard disk space

This is way too much for my VPS with only 64M of memory. Instead I think I’ll give CMS Made Simple a try.

A nice skin

Quintagroup seems to offer some nice free plone skins. Out of the list, Lite and Schools impressed me most. I’d choose Lite for a technical site and Schools for a university site.

Flash video plugin

I always wondered how to insert a flash movie into a webpage, and in this case, for plone. It turned out to be quite easy — Flash video plugin serves the purpose well. The back end player for this plugin FlowPlayer, and I particularly like the screen size options of this player.

The author of this plugin is also a fan of the movie Office Space, and have just ran the entire lag of the London Marathon race. Interesting guy to know.

After thoughts

I would definitely run Plone for any site if the hardware resources suffice. Clean, elegant and well-ordered is the impression I have for Plone.

No, I won’t pay for the Premium themes or CMSs. For me the GPL licensed programs and artwork are good, although I will find other means to support the contributors — for example clicking their ads.