What I expect in Windows 8

Here is what I expect from the next version of Windows from Microsoft — Windows 8 (Windows Eight).

  • Very fast barebone installation. All drivers and a basic desktop should be up and working within 15 minutes after the installation media is booted. Users of the old Windows should be blown away by the speed of Windows 8.
  • This barebone installation should be completely free of charge for the end users and everyone can download a free copy from the Microsoft website. The activiation machanism should be completely eliminated.

A real cashcow

How can Microsoft make profit? You may ask. Here is what I suggest: with the barebone Windows up and running, users will be immediately presented options to quickly access the best applications and services they need.

  1. An assortment of free applications, either made by MS or other developers, should be presented to users. There should be a forum or user group for every application available the list. MS can charge users a little fee if they need technical support and even share the revenue with application developers. This strategy kills two birds with one stone: tightly integrate the Internet with the desktop OS and bond the developers and Microsoft in a win-win situation.
  2. Likewise, MS should gather the best web services on the Internet and users should be able to use them with a few clicks. It should be so convenient for users to set up a universal account and use it with twitter, gmail, youtube or facebook, to name a few. Ms does not need to outcompete these services or provide its own secondary services like hotmail or bing search. Instead, MS can cleverly fuse these services with the operation system, making it a much better experience than users on other platforms such as Mac OS or Linux. Do you know how painful it used be to install a flashplugin under Linux?
  3. Deliver information in a timely, authoritive and accessible manner. MS can cooperate with live media and news providers such as lastfm, wikipedia and BBC to deliver information and entertainment to the doorstep of the users. How wonderful it would be.
  4. All these three services can be fused smartly into one instant-messenger program — a Google wave style — initiating program. Call it ‘smart portal’, ‘star trek’ or even ‘MS assistant’ as long as it does the job mentioned above, MS would be unbeatable.

To my Linux buddies

No I am not a traitor even though I devised this best strategy for Microsoft to dominate the world for a few score of years. Linux fans should be rested assured that the last thing Microsoft wants to listen is a piece of advice from a dual booting Linux-Windows user. Maybe Linux community should use this strategy?

To Bill and Steve

Yes, I am ready to be hired and put your dream of friendly world dominiation into reality. It is interesting when I poped into a speech excerpt by the Microsoft CEO: “The fifth [computing] revolution is about more than personal empowerment and social interaction; we literally will get the tools to help us better understand and address global issues that affect billions of people, including education, healthcare, science, and environmental change.”

How can this revolution be possible when you only have a few Windows and fail to keep the door wide open and bring the best of the software world and the Internet to the doorstep of the users? Search me.

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Actually I think the concept of an OS like windows is at the end of the road.

I holding on to my trusty XP until I see what happen with Google OS. It might be the path to the future beyond Windows/Linux.

It may be slow transition, and cloud based services are still in their infancy

In the meantime I am getting acquaintance with Android+HTC Magic

I am a little concerned with the information harvest and storage by Google. We have more convenience but we’ll lose the control of our own data. It will come to a point one day that we become totally dependent on a information tycoon.

Windows learns slowly and I could never expect a real fast OS from it.

I don’t think so. I am too lazy for that. The blog will get rusty and dusty shortly after I started it.

Thanks for the encouragement though 😉

Yes. There is the danger that we loose control of our data. But I think the convenience and advantages we may get will outweigh the risk for most of us.

Still, it is a far call. And there will be gaffes and some catastrophes on the way. Sidekick anyone?

By the way, I think today there will be a presentation by Google of their new OS.

We shall see next two years how things go.

Anyway I plan to get one system with the new Google OS as soon as a good device with it installed appears on the market.
Just for testing the waters in the beginning.

About blogs…. The most I can do is start some discussion in LinkedIn.

You are welcome if you decide to join 😉

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